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Vegetable Basket


Introducing BP Food Services Inc.

For last 20 years B & P Food Sales a family-owned company has provided an extensive array of quality product from refrigerated food to non-perishable goods to varieties of customers such as educational institution, Health care Organizations as well as State and Federal facilities across the country. We specialize on Kosher and Halal Food as well as any other specialized food such as Vegan Diet to meet each client unique needs and expectation.

Company Profile

Business Name – BP Food services

Registered owner Corporation   AMS CONSULTANT

Address  –

22287 Mulholland Hwy


Calabasas, CA 91302-5190

Main Number: 805-332.4111

Direct line: 323-500-0657

Corporate Information

D-U-N-S number  08-076-9596.

U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM)


Sector: Miscellaneous Retail

Category: Direct Selling Establishments

Industry: Food Services, Direct Sales 

SIC Code: 5963

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Kosher Wheat Bread SL IW

​Kosher Pareve SL Wheat Bread IW 100ct .9oz.

Kosher Parve SL. Wheat Bread 12/29oz #3353

Challah Bread Kosher Loaf


Tuna Kosher (individual-bulk)

Kosher Tuna pouch 50ct 6oz.

24CT Pull Top Kosher Tuna In Water

Sardines Individual

Geisha Kosher Sardines 24/3.53 Pouch


Cereal Kosher (individual-bulk)

Oatmeal Kosher (individual-bulk)

Grits Kosher (individual-bulk

Kosher Farina 200ct 1oz

Kosher Grits 200ct 1oz

​Kosher 48ct Oatmeal

Cereal Kosher 96ct Bowl Cold

Kosher 96ct Bowl  Bran Flakes

Kosher 96ct Bowl Frosted Flakes

Kosher 96ct Bowls  Fruit Rings

​Kosher 96ct Bowl Corn Flakes

Kosher 108 ct .88 oz Frosted Flakes

Kosher Bran Flakes 108ct .75oz.Bowls

Kosher Chips 104 ct 1oz.

Kosher Chips: 

BQ Kosher Chips 84ct 2oz

Bran Flakes Kosher 300ct 1.5oz

Jalapeno Kettle Chips 96 ct 1 oz Kosher

Kosher Corn Flakes 108 ct .88oz.Bowls

Plain Kosher Chips 84ct 1oz

Kosher Sour Cream & Onion  84ct 1oz

Kosher Chips 84ct 1oz Salt & Pepper

Coffee kosher Individual

Kosher Coffee 1000ct


Fruit Flav Mix Drink Individual

Kosher V8 Juice

Kosher Drink Mix 1000ct Cherry
Kosher Drink Mix 1000ct Cherry
Kosher Drink Mix 1000ct Fruit Punch
Kosher Drink Mix 1000ct Grape
Kosher Drink Mix Lemonade 1000ct
Kosher Drink Mix 1000ct  Orange
​Kosher Grape Juice Passover 8/64oz.PL. jugs
Kosher grape Juice Inv. 40 ct

V8 Juice 48 ct.5.5 oz. Kosher


Peanut butter (individual-bulk)

Kosher 200ct PB Pouch 2oz

Margarine (individual-bulk)

Kosher 200ct Jelly

Kosher low cal 200ct 12gm asst jelly

Kosher Jelly 400ct 10gm 86414

Kosher Honey Inv  200ct

Kosher French 200ct 9gm Dressing  

Kosher Italian 200ct 9gm Dressing

Kosher Ketchup 1000ct 7gm # 86102

Kosher Mayo 200ct

Kosher 500ct 9 gm. Mayo  #78000

Kosher Relish 200ct  86183

Kosher Meals:

Kosher Meat Chicken Cacciatore Meal 20oz 12ct
Kosher Meat Chicken Chow Mein Meal 20 oz 12ct
Kosher Meat Meat loaf Meal 16oz 12ct
​Kosher Meat Salisbury Steak Meal 16oz 12ct
Kosher Meat Spaghetti Meatball Meal 20oz 12ct
Kosher Meat Turkey Cutlet Meal 16oz 12ct
Kosher Parve Fish Fillet Meal 14oz 12ct
Kosher Pareve margarine 648/14gm cups
Kosher Meat Beans and Franks Meals 18 oz 12ct
Kosher Meat Chicken Patty Meal 16 oz 12ct
Kosher Meat Chicken Wing Meal 18oz 12ct
Kosher Parve Vegetable
Protein Cutlet Meal 13oz 12ct

Kosher Baby Back Ribs 84 ct 1 oz

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